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Berry, Billau, Flynn, Giordan and Wyatt

The genealogy presented here is an attempt to trace the ancestors of several related families in the United States. The Flynns and Giordans are based in Brooklyn, New York. The Berry, Billau, Dodd, and Wyatt families were early pioneers to Ohio and Indiana. This is a work in progress, of course, and your corrections, notes, etc. will be very much appreciated. The site uses two programs, Oxy-gen and TNG, to display the information in complementary ways. Please explore.


The SOSA number 1 is Starting Person  Tree of Ancestry whose ancestors were found across 17 generations. The earliest person of the database is Thomas Huntington (64128) whose birthdate is 1430.

The family is mainly based in Indiana, in the United States. There are 1186 individuals and 395 families representing 309 surnames and 350 places in this base. In addition, 14 pictures and 31 sources can be consulted on this site.

Below are rough sketches of the family patriarchs and matriarchs.

Lovina Dodd and Valentine Billau Lovina Dodd was born on 02 Dec 1828 in Athens Co, Ohio. She married Valentine Billau in 1851 in Defiance, Ohio. Valentine was born about 1828. I have assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that he died in 1854/1855, a few years after they were married, because Lovina then married Michael William Hawk, son of Christof Hawk and Mrs Hawk~, in Jan 1856. Michael was born on 14 Jul 1817 in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania and he died on 03 Nov 1900 in Bryan, Williams Co, Ohio. He was buried on 06 Nov 1900 in Mansfield Cemetary, Mansfield, Richland Co, Ohio. Lovina died on 05 Aug 1914 in Union City, Ohio.

Nathan Wyatt and Mary Felton Nathan Wyatt was born on 27 Apr 1778 in Maryland. Nathan married Mary Felton on 4 Jun 1800 in Mercer Co, Pennsylvania. Mary was born on 7 Jul 1777 in Pennsylvania or possibly Virginia. Nathan was a veteran of the War of 1812. In 1837, he moved with his family from Richland Co, Ohio to Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana and cleared land to farm. He died on 28 Dec 1862 in Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana. Mary died on 20 Sep 1874 in Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana. She and Nathan were buried in Bear Creek Cem, Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana.

Paul Giordan and Gertrude Gallagher Paul Giordan was born in 1868 in Nice, France. He was a sea captain. After he became a U.S. citizen, Paul married Gertrude Gallagher, who was born about 1876 in Massachusetts. He died about 1931 in Brooklyn, NY. She died about 1933.

Jeremiah Flynn and Margaret Regan More on these two coming soon.

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