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351 [MARRIAGE: 13 Dec 1862 to ?]--SH Wyatt, Mary Ann (I46)
352 [MARRIAGE: Also could be 17 Jul 1842 ?]--SH Wyatt, William (I25)
353 [MARRIAGE: Paul B's mother is Allice Bell. According to Nellie Hawk, she had come *east* to Ohio in a covered wagon. She died when Paul was very, very young. Paul was adopted by George's half sister, Nellie Hawk and her husband, Charles Elder. George later married Mary M., judging from two family photos and census info.] --SH

Sources for Allice's maiden name and burial, located by D. Dodd:

Richland Co. Deaths, A - M
BILLOW, Alice 1883-05-19 Mansfield 30Y, 4M; w/o George; d/o Mrs. Peter Bell source 16

Mansfield Cemetery
Billow, Alice - 1883 30Y; cause: rheumatism 5/1883 MH-4 
Bell, Alice (I62)
354 [MARRIAGE: This Eli Coder is listed as marrying Rebecca Wyatt in " History of Spencerville " , but dates don't agree with what is given in " Pioneer Weddings. " ]--SH Coder, Eli (I514)
355 [Martha is in 1900 census Newville Twp, DeKalb Co, IN with brother John W.
and listed just below [brother] Elmer and Julia Wyatt's family.]--SH 
Wyatt, Martha (I556)
356 [Military: " November, 1864, he was detailed as
cattle guard near Atlanta and May 24, 1865, he
was in hospital at Washington, D.C., two months
with typhoid fever. With his Regt. he took part
in the battles of Brier Creek, Bentonville, and
with Sherman on is March to the Sea. July 26,
1865, he was granted an honorable discharge at
Findlay Hospital, Washington, D. C., and now has
a pension. " (see source Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen)]--SH 
Tarney, Samuel J. Jr (I90)
357 [Military: " Mr. Johnson enlisted in Company D, Eighty-eighth
Indiana Infantry, and participated in the battles
of Perryville, Stone River, Chattanooga,
Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge,
Atlanta, Kenesaw Mountain, with Sherman to the
sea, and through the Carolinas to Bentonville,
where he was wounded in the left side. He was
taken to the hospital at New York, from there to
Madison, Ind., and there discharged June 9, 1865,
but has never recovered from the effects of his
wounds, and now receives a pension. " --Excerpt from
Bio of Wm Johnson (see source)]--SH 
Johnson, William (I549)
358 [Military: According to son Elmer's Bio at Indiana Genweb:

" Samuel Wyatt, father of our subject, was in the Revolutionary War under
Gen. Washington for about three months. " (Is author of the bio thinking of a greatgrandfather, maybe? )

Cemetery transcription, Evergreen, Newville, Ind.GenWeb:
Wyatt, Elmore Elda, son, died January 26, 1873, 26 years
Elmer, 1842 - 1918
Julia, wife, 1845 - 1927
Mary M., daughter, 1873 - 1877
Elmer E.,son, 1872 - 1872

Wyatt, Matilda, 1801 - 1860 mother
Samuel, 1801 - 1893 father

confusing: Elmer E's And Elmer Y]--SH 
Wyatt, Samuel (I13)
359 [Ohio death records give Nathan S Wyatt as husband and Wm Watson as father.]--SH Watson, Martha Ellen (I1168)
360 [Only child]--SH Watson, James W. (I584)
361 [Passenger on the Winthrop Fleet of 1630]--SH

Alternate death year: 1674 
Clarke, John (I805)
362 [Private note from R. B. Rex: All descendants of Julia Ann Wyatt, 2005.]--SH Wyatt, Julia Ann (I658)
363 [Samuel Johnson was the son of George Washington Johnson who was born
in 1810 in Pennsylvania with the birth name of Pangborne. His parents
were killed by Indians, and he was adopted by Johnsons, I have no proof, but
I believe that his adoptive parents were the parents of Abraham and
Amariah Johnson. They were all in Ashland Ohio at the same time. Abraham
and Amariah both married Wyatt girls and moved to DeKalb County

George Washington Johnson married Catherine Dove and stayed in Ohio
until she died, then he went to DeKalb County for a few years, his son
Samuel married a Wyatt girl...they were all connected!]--MD 
Pangborne, George Washington Johnson (I1180)
364 [Sargent Genealogy in England and America, by Aaron Sargent, pg 16, 18,19.
Colonial Families of the United States, by Mac Kenzie, pg 478.]--haverly gedcom
[Baptism and endowment note on haverly gedcom: CHILD
Birth date is later than christening date.]--SH 
Sargent, Daniel (I371)
365 [Sec. 16, Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana]--SH Nixon, Sarah (I558)
366 [Sec. 34, Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana

Four brothers: James Theodore, John Robe, William Robe, and Andrew Robe, "History of northeast Indiana : LaGrange, Steuben, Noble and DeKalb Counties" ]--SH 
Robe, Sarah Jane (I79)
367 [Sec. 34, Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana]--SH

[Divorce Record,
Sep 1881 Defendant gives general denial. Court trial (no details)
Divorce granted Alimony of $150 and Plaintiff to resume her maiden name of Euphenia E. Wyatt. ]--SH 
Wyatt, Euphemia E. (I84)
368 [Sec. 34, Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana]--SH Wyatt, Magdelina Merintha (I86)
369 [Sec. 36, Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana

Women in direct female line with Fanny McGown should match this mtDNA result:

Haplogroup - H

HVR1 differences from CRS
16051G, 16162G, 16519C

HVR2 differences from CRS
73G, 263G , 315.1C
McGown, Fanny (I32)
370 [Sec. 36, Jackson Twp, DeKalb Co, Indiana]--SH Steward, James P. (I581)
371 [see Bio of John Wyatt 1885: Mary Jane, wife of Jacob Hull, M.D., of Spencerville]--SH Wyatt, Mary Jane (I27)
372 [See note for father/uncle.]--SH Johnson, Mary (I538)
373 [See note for father/uncle.]--SH Johnson, Zeruah (I540)
374 [See note for father/uncle.]--SH Johnson, Mary Jane (I548)
375 [See note for father/uncle.]--SH Johnson, Zeruah (I550)
376 [She would have been 20 yrs old in the 1908 reunion photo. This looks correct.]--SH Hardendorf, Lucinda Marvel (I258)
377 [Simeon's Death Records, of Noble County, Indiana

Wyatt James L, 4-12-1943, age 84, bu Huntertown.
Wyatt James L Mrs, 3-18-1923, pneumonia, age 66y 6m 10d,
mother of Robert Wyatt, Indianapolis
She was first married to William A. Wyatt that died in 1885,
then married his brother James L. Wyatt,
Noble County, Indiana, Simon's Journal.]--LN

[1900 census: Born Aug 1862
From above: Born 08 Sep 1856]--SH 
Hall, Joanna (I1184)
378 [Simeon's Death Records, of Noble County, Indiana

Wyatt James L, 4-12-1943, age 84, bu Huntertown.
Wyatt James L Mrs, 3-18-1923, pneumonia, age 66y 6m 10d,
mother of Robert Wyatt, Indianapolis
She was first married to William A. Wyatt that died in 1885,
then married his brother James L. Wyatt,
Noble County, Indiana, Simon's Journal.]--LN

"Wyatt Robert H, a Noble County area native who rose to prominence as
the chief spokesman for Indiana school teachers over a period of 3 decades,
died Wednesday at the age of 71.

He was born in 1903 near LaOtto in Eel River Twp, Allen County. At age 16,
with a LaOtto High School diploma and brief basic training, began teaching in
a rural school for $800 a year. His 55-year career included numerous legal and
legislative battles in trying to fulfill a goal he once described as assuring
"that teaching should be the most respected profession of any in our society."
He died in Methodist Hospital where he had been admitted for tests. + 7-?-1975"
]--Noble County Library at Albion 
Wyatt, Robert H. (I1195)
379 [Source on Civil War service: Auburn Courier item on 50th wedding anniversary, Feb. 26, 1916, and Indiana Enrollment of Soldiers, Widows and Orphans, 1886, which records that he contracted a lame back and a disease of the kidneys due to a cold that settled in his back while he was sleeping in a temporary barracks in Indianapolis, Dec. 1864 and Jan. 1865.]-- Mike Walter at Maurer, Samuel (I202)
380 [Sources indicating Wm III Berry is father of this GW Berry and husband of Ann Wyatt Plummer Berry Tarney:

1. Bio of Nathan Wyatt states Ann Wyatt married " James P. Plummer " , then " William Berry " , and finally, Samuel Tarney, Sr. It lists children as given here.
2. Mauer marriages, according to Mike Walters, gives Ann married to Wm " III " Berry.
3. Inscription on family photo of George's mother says " Ann Berry Tarney. ".
4. Family knowledge - Fanny Wyatt and George W. Berry were first cousins.
George W.'s mother was Ann Wyatt [Plummer] Berry Tarney, sister to Sedric Wyatt.

I believe this Wm III Berry of Allen Co, Indiana is the son of Wm Berry, Jr of Virginia as researched by Jim Jackson, et al. at

7 Oct. 1856
Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications, Vol. Six
St. Joseph County, Michigan
William Berry of said county declares that he, George Berry and Jane Manning are the only surviving children of William Berry, dec., a pensioner on the Ohio rolls at $24.66 per annum from Mercer Co, Ohio. He resided in Allen Co, Ind., and died there 17 Jan 1842. He applies for arrears of pension due his father.
]--Jim Jackson

1850: Cedar Creek, Allen, Indiana
William Berry 61, Anna Berry 41,
James Berry 20,
James Plummer 5, Mary J Plummer 8, Samuel Plummer 10 , Philemon Plummer 16,
George W Berry 1

1860: Florence, St Joseph, Michigan
William Berry 71, Ann Berry 50,
James Berry 30,
James Plummer 15, Mary J Berry [Plummer] 19,
Winfield Scott Berry 6, George Berry 10,

1870, Jun 20 : Cleveland, Whitley, Indiana
Ann Berry 60,
Winfield S Berry 16, George W Berry 20

1880: Jackson, De Kalb, Indiana
Ann Tarney 70 widowed,
James Berry 50 widowed son-in-law,
Alice Berry 18 granddaughter,
Edwin E. Berry 14 grandson,
Netta M. Berry 8 granddaughter.

] -- SH 
Berry, William III (I110)
381 [Summit County, Volume #7063, [Death] Certificate #67463]--SH Billow, George Valentine (I238)
382 [The 1870 census reports her country of origin as " South Brunswick " , which is now in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Germany, ... I think.]--SH Ellers, Henrietta (I115)
383 [The 1870 census reports his country of origin as " Hessen-Darmstadt " , which is now Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany, ... I think]--SH Billau, Voline (I50)
384 [The ancestors of Hephzibah Felch and all their notes
and citations are imported from the " haverly gedcom " at LDS.
Refer to " The Bingham Genealagy Project " - Doug Bingham at

for the original information.]--SH

Haverly Notes:
Felch, Hepzibah (I315)
385 [The descendents of Nancy Jane Wyatt and all their notes
and citations are imported from the " haverly gedcom " found at LDS ]--SH

Haverly Notes:
1 _FA1
2 PLAC See Note Page

[john felch to append.FTW]

Facts about this person:

Fact 13 March 06, 1921/22
Buried at Osborn Cemetery 
Wyatt, Nancy Jane (I40)
386 [There are several Benjamin F DeWalts born around this time im PA and IN. The 1880 census here shows this Benjamin at the house of his uncle Samuel Dewalt, who also has a 2 yr old son named Benjamin F. Several other gedcoms have a Benjamin F, born 1883 in PA. The parents given here are taken from census info relating Dulcena S [Wyatt] to this Benjamin DeWalt, as best as I can figure.]--SH Dewalt, Benjamin F (I688)
387 [There are two Rebecca Wyatts. The first, Rebecca H. Wyatt, b. 1847 AFN SPS9-2B with same parents, died as an infant, according to bio of father John Wyatt, Indianna Genweb. Also note that John's sister is named Rebecca.]--SH Wyatt, Rebecca A. (I18)
388 [Think this is wrong -- 19 May 1546] Family F186
389 [Tombstone shows 1853 as date of birth, but 1860 Census of Jackson Township, DeKalb County, Indiana, lists him as being eight years old at time of census. WPA Index to DeKalb County death records, 1882-1920, shows date of death as Nov. 11, 1911, and age at death as 58.]-- Mike Walter at Maurer, Cyrus (I197)
390 [Volume #1447, [Death] Certificate #47788]--SH

[Burial: Lot 1037, Fountain Grove Cem, Bryan, Williams Co, Ohio]--ddodd 
Dodd, Lovina (I236)
391 [Volume #7063, [Death] Certificate #67467]--SH Gray, Mary M. (I245)
392 [[

1 _FA1
2 PLAC See Note Page

[john felch to append.FTW]

Source: IGI 1993 edition

Lived at 63 Scott Avenue, Ft. Wayne in 1900 census
Died 4 1/2 miles so of Markie, IN 5/26/1947 at 82
Buried in Osborne Cenetery, Brimfield, IN

Facts about this person:

Fact 1 June 1866
Born - Rome, Oneida, NY

Fact 5 November 1888
Lucinda Marvel Born in Ohio

Fact 6 August 1890
Harry Born in IN

Fact 7 December 1895
James born in IN

Fact 8 1900
Lived on Scott Ave in Ft. Wayne, IN

Fact 10 1922
Living in Brimfield, Noble, IN

Fact 13 May 26, 1947
Died Markle, IN

Here is what I have on Myron, her brother:
651 Email from Jeff and Nancy GURVINE

BIRTH: 1900 census, born Jun1866 at NY;

Based on SEALSPOUSE record of 1988 IGI, relationship not verified.

BURIAL: Buried in Osborne cemetery Brimfield (Orange twp Noble co) Indiana.


1870 - NY Oswego co West Monroe city West Monroe PO Film#0552573 page659,Oscar DUERDIN age42 male farming born NY (as were all others), Myron EHARDENDORF age36 male carpenter, Rosetta age37 female keeps house, Carrieage09 female, Roselle age04 male;

1880 - New York Oneida Lee pg294B film#1254902, Myron HARDENDORF malemarried white (as are others) age47 born NY, Rosette wife female marriedage48 born NY, Carrie dau female single age19 born NY, Roselle son malesingle age13 born NY;

1900 - Fort Wayne Allen IN, ED37 sh18 ln09, at #63 Scott Ave, Myron RHARDENDORF head b-Jun1866 at NY age33;

1910 - Fort Wayne Allen IN, ED48 Sh02 Family#22, at 1319 Scott Street,film#1374352, Blacksmith with Wabash Railroad, Myron HARDENDORF headage40 born NY married once 22yrs;

1920 - *FIND 1920 CENSUS, probably in Danville IL.


Obituary of son, Harry, says he is still alive in 1933;

Obituary of wife, says still alive in 1922;

No death record in Indiana from 1933 to 1937;

West Creighton Church records, Myron R HARDENDORF died in 1947;

Date of 25May1947 at IN Allen Fort Wayne from Roy Short PAF file onHARDENDORF.


IN Allen FtWayne, film#1759714 1902 City Directory, Myron R HARDENDORFblacksmith for Penn Co, house at 1319 Scott Ave;

IN Allen FtWayne, film#1759714 1903 City Directory, R Myron HARDENDORFblacksmith for Penn Co, house at 1319 Scott Ave.


4.01 North America Myron Roselle HARDENDORF, wife Nancy, child HarryDuerdin b-1890 at IN, also b-08Jun1866 at Rome Oneida NY film#0452039ord#71761 at St George temple, bap-18May1957 end-19Feb1958 St Georgesp-pre1970.


" Allen County Index to Marriage Records, 1882-1896 " , film#1266726, USWork Progress Adm, Vol17 pg438, m-18Jan1888 Myron R HARDENDORFF to NancyJ WYATT;

1910 census, married 22yrs 15April1910.


Military record of father, children Rosel R HARDENDORF b-08June1866 tomother Rosetta E DUERDIN and father Myron E HARDENDORF.


Clipping in scrapbook of Eugene R HARDENDORF (nephew) said uncle Myron RHARDENDORF.


" First Baptist Church Records, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1837-1931 " ,977.274/F1 V26f, SLCFHC, received by letter 10Nov1896 from Rome CityIndiana, dismissed 30Sep1914 to Danville Illinois, received 3Dec1922 byletter from Detroit Michigan;

Index to Extract of Member Records, West Creighton Ave Christian Churchof Fort Wayne IN 1896-1998, Myron R HARDENDORF (Deacon), his wife Cora,his wife Fannie, his son Harry D, his daughter Marvel, and Ray HARDENDORFwith his wife and dau Jane.

Email message from West Creighton Christian Church member Adam J Barone, " From church records, M R HARDENDORF seems to be Myron R. HARDENDORF(died 1947), Records are not clear about his wife, There seems to have been a Mrs. Cora HARDENDORF (died 1967) and a Mrs. Fannie HARDENDORF, both connected to M R HARDENDORF, He and presumably Fannie were members very early - 1898 and came back to the church in 1923, but I can't tell the name of the first wife.


1866 - NY, birth;
1888 - Fort Wayne Allen IN, married;
1888 - Ohio, birth of daughter Marvel;
1890 - Fort Wayne Allen IN, birth of son Harry;
1895 - Allen IN, birth of twins K. and James;
1896 - Fort Wayne Allen IN, moved from Rome City Noble IN;
1900 - Fort Wayne Allen IN, census;
1914 - Danville IL, moved there from Fort Wayne;
1922 - Detroit MI, moved to Fort Wayne Allen IN;
1933 - Fort Wayne Allen IN, according to obituary of son, Harry.

] -- all of these notes are from the " haverly gedcom " found at LDS ]--SH 
Hardendorff, Myron Roselle (I219)

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