Berry, Billau, Flynn, Giordan and Wyatt

Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Wyatts_All
Latitude: 42.5256563, Longitude: -71.0952891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burnap, Hannah  1659Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I745
2 Burnap~, Ann  1631Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I749
3 Clapp, Thomas IV  1686Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I398
4 Felch, Dr. Daniel , M.D.  5 Jan 1667/1668Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I425
5 Felch, Daniel  3 Jun 1697Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I415
6 Felch, Ebenezer  20 Jul 1701Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I417
7 Felch, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1655Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I420
8 Felch, Elizabeth (ii)  9 Mar 1665/1666Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I424
9 Felch, Elizabeth (iii)  23 Feb 1686Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I412
10 Felch, Hannah  26 Feb 1649/1650Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I418
11 Felch, Hannah (ii)  18 Sep 1672Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I426
12 Felch, Hannah (iii)  3 Aug 1692Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I413
13 Felch, John Sr.  26 Feb 1659/1660Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I403
14 Felch, John Jr.  17 Feb 1688Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I496
15 Felch, Joseph  1662Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I423
16 Felch, Mary  31 Jul 1653Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I419
17 Felch, Mary (ii)  17 Mar 1694/1695Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I414
18 Felch, Nathaniel  27 Apr 1699Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I416
19 Felch, Ruth  1 Jun 1675Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I427
20 Felch, Samuel  3 Jun 1657Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I421
21 Felch, Samuel (ii)  12 Jul 1662Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I422
22 Felch, Samuel (iii)  11 Feb 1689/1690Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I401
23 Parker, Samuel  24 Oct 1666Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I458
24 Smith, Katherine  1693Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burnap, Robert  27 Sep 1689Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I758
2 Burnap, Robert  18 Oct 1695Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I748
3 Burnap~, Ann  25 Jun 1661Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I749
4 Cutler, Thomas  7 Nov 1732Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I459
5 Felch, Henry  11 Nov 1699Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I405
6 Felch, Samuel  22 Oct 1661Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I421
7 Miller, Ann (Or Agnes)  27 Apr 1681Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I759
8 Sargent, Hannah  15 Dec 1717Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I483


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clapp / Felch  4 Jan 1714/1715Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F227
2 Cutler / Felch  30 Dec 1686Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F240
3 Felch / Gowing  25 May 1685Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F231
4 Felch / Hanks  29 Oct 1732Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F228
5 Felch / Sargent  1648Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F233
6 Parker / Felch  16 Apr 1700Reading, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F244