Gallagher Mr (22)_ + Gallagher~ Mrs (23)_
Gallagher Gertrude (11)__
Giordan Pauline_Giordan Annette (5)__Giordan Paul Francis_Giordan Loretta_Giordan Gertrude_Giordan Evelyn_

Wyatt Nathan S._ + Gibson Mary Ann_
Wyatt Joseph__
Wyatt Cecelia__
Wyatt Josephine_
Wyatt Mentyway_
Wyatt Day_
Wyatt May_
Wyatt John W_
Wyatt Nancy J_
Wyatt Lizzzie_
Johnson Adreon Cormack__

Johnson Abraham_ + Wyatt Mary (i)_
Johnson Nathan_
Johnson John_
Johnson William_
Johnson Mary_
Johnson Thomas_
Johnson Zeruah_
Johnson James_

Berry Howard_ + Berry~ Delpho_
Berry DeLohr_

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