Chipman John_ + Howland Hope_
Chipman Lydia_

Howland John_ + Tilley Elizabeth_
Howland Hope__
Chipman Lydia_

Bingham Hezekiah (250)_ + Boynton Phebe (251)_
Bingham Hezekiah_
Bingham Nancy (125)__
Bingham Laura_
Bingham Fannie_
Bingham Mr_
Bingham Moses_
Bingham Sarah_
Pellett Richard (62)__Pellett John_Pellett Abigail (iv)_Pellett George P._Pellett William (ii)_Pellett Calvin_Pellett Gurdon_Pellett Nancy_Pellett Ira K._

Marshall James_ + Prout Anna S._
Marshall Anna S.__
Squires James W._Squires Samual A._Squires Sydney Newton_Squires Fillmore A._Squires Susan Abelva__Squires John S._Squires Wyatt M._Squires Horace C._Squires Orange Vince_Squires Daisy Bell_

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